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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grandparents Are A Priceless Treasure

As we very excitedly prepare for our celebration of Grandparent's Day at school,  I am clearly and deeply reminded of the powerful, beautiful and unconditional love that connects the hearts of grandchildren and their grandparents. In a world of endless busy-ness driven by a frenetic and ever-accelerating pace, there remains a gentle, peaceful, affirming place where hearts can be quiet, where smiles and hugs abound, and where there is always time for a story; a grandparent's lap. May the highest priority of this relationship never be underestimated. We love our grandparents so much. 
If you visit my TeachersPayTeachers Store, you will find the simple sheet music for a precious Grandparent's Day Song most suitable for Pre-K through 2nd grade students. You will also find an mp4 file containing a sing along video of the song. Here are the links:
All the best as you celebrate our very loved and priceless grandparents.