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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Guest Blogger: Dr. Graham Hill-Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Hill presents a very creative, very understandable explanation of Type 2 Diabetes, a serious condition affecting a great many people. 
"I hope you all enjoyed the inaugural video on the HealthThatCares channel. Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic in the world today affecting more than 250 million world wide. This video is meant to educate and inform people about the disease process and complications. If you know anyone with type 2 diabetes encourage them to see their doctor and to manage their blood sugar.

This video is not meant to take the place of any advice from a doctor. Manage the disease according to your doctor's directions.

Please like the channel and I welcome all comments!!

Suggest which videos you would like next!" Graham.

All Statistics taken from CDC:

All information from UpToDate

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