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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Old Dog Can, In Fact, Learn A New Trick...

Lessons Learned…

About Being A Student Again After Thirty Years

A Master’s Degree in Education was definitely on my bucket list, but with each passing year, the infinite number of new teaching strategies, the dramatic changes in family, culture, and society, and the gargantuan infusion of technology, made this hoped for achievement an increasingly remote possibility. Toying with retirement from teaching and beginning a second career, I thought the timing seemed perfect to move on. Thirty years. Excellent. Wonderful. Inspiring. Years. Feeling deeply blessed. New opportunities surely awaiting in our community, battered as so many communities are today. Yet the bucket list nibbled at the edges of my thoughts and demanded to be addressed one last time. Now or never. Climbing up the high dive ladder of experiences, with the strong support of family, I haltingly stepped to the edge of the board, curled my toes over and swan dived into the technological deep end of an all online Master’s Degree to be completed within one year. With undying patience, encouragement, help, and support from family and friends, the rest of the story is history. Bucket list attended to. Diploma in hand. New challenging and exciting thoughts swimming in my brain just awaiting application. So very thankful.
Attached is a link containing an interview with the tremendous people at Concordia University- Portland.