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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Five Spare Minutes: J

(Physical Game)
 Jazzy Gestures (or Move to the Music)

A rousing game of  Jazzy Gestures is always met with great Jubilation and excellent unbridled free-form moving regardless of the grade level involved; everyone loves to play this! I play snippets of a wide variety of musical styles, tempos, moods and the students have to move the way the music sounds or makes them feel. When the music stops, they must absolutely freeze and wait for the next snippet to start, and so on. The music can be stopped and started many times to encourage attentiveness. The more dramatic the change in musical styles, the more creativity the students will show in their moving.   

J Song
(Teaching, learning, giggling about, or illustrating a song is also a fun way to spend five minutes! The suggested tune for each of these ABC songs is the familiar tune, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Enjoy!)

Jelly beans and jumping jacks,
June, July are back to back,
Jam and joy and jog and jar,
Jupiter is very far.
"J" words, they are fun to learn

Now you find one, it's your turn!