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Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Spare Minutes: T

(Communication Activity)
Tie and Tell

Needed for this activity: many 7 X 1 inch pieces of fabric in assorted colors and patterns, and 1 wire coat hanger stretched and shaped into a circle.
Tie a fabric strip on the circle stretched wire coat hanger and then tell a story about whatever season or holiday you are near. Each student will have an opportunity to share a story, memory, project, tradition, or a favorite treat associated with that particular season or holiday and then tie a fabric strip on the circle hanger. Continue to “tie and tell” throughout all seasons and holidays during the school year. The finished project will be a colorful wreath.  

T Song
(Teaching, learning, giggling about, or illustrating a song is also a fun way to spend five minutes! The suggested tune for each of these ABC songs is the familiar tune, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Enjoy!)

Tip and tap and two by two,
Teddy bears are good for you;
Twirling, twisting, tambourine,
Turtle, tugboat, trampoline.
"T" words, they are fun to learn

Now you find one, it's your turn!