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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Five Spare Minutes: S

(Service/Kindness/Outreach Activity)
Sebastian Smiles

“Sebastian” is a class character who could be a puppet, a stuffed animal, or other similar inanimate favorite classroom friendJ. Sebastian loves to hear of kindnesses given or received, and hearing such news warms Sebastian’s heart and we know it makes Sebastian smile. Each student shares something he or she has done during that week to help someone at home, at school, in the neighborhood, or wherever they have been. It is very important to encourage students to recognize being kind and being helpful both in themselves and in others. In being deliberate about recognizing kindness, we will be nurturing compassionate behavior. “What have we done to make Sebastian smile this week?” Students are always very eager to share!   

S Song
(Teaching, learning, giggling about, or illustrating a song is also a fun way to spend five minutes! The suggested tune for each of these ABC songs is the familiar tune, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Enjoy!)

Simple, saddle, salad bar,
Sandbox, sandwich, shooting star;
See-saw, spaceship, shine, and sheep,
School and snail and sky and sleep.
"S" words, they are fun to learn

Now you find one, it's your turn!